Learning English

I have never been good at remembering names or even people’s faces but I can say that sometimes what people have told me or some comments I’ve heard have stuck onto my mind and have remained there until present day. The teacher in charge of that workshop in Barcelona asked us to stand up and […]

Travel around

Have you travelled thousands of kilometres or at least dreamt of doing so, to find a very different reality from that of your own land? If so, why not? Our world is diverse, but you do not have to travel further than the extreme south-west of England to find the mysterious land of Cornwall. Travelling […]

Learning a Language

Whether you like it or not, English is now essential in everyday life. Why can’t everyone speak Spanish or Catalan?! Is English really so important? In a word: yes! It’s become the global language and also the most widely spoken language in the world – in fact there are more non-native English speakers than native […]


En el món actual resulta imprescindible conèixer una segona o inclús una tercera llengua estrangera, ja que cada dia ens entra més informació en diversos idiomes, i més encara si ets estudiant, que moltes vegades els llibres que necessites consultar no estan ni estaran mai traduïts al teu idioma. El més aconsellable és aprendre des […]